GB2012MV Satellite contact with ON5NY

Moon Bounce from GB2012MV

Bluemoon brings about EME (earth moon earth) operation from GB2012MV

The team assembled a 2m 17 element Cushcraft yagi antenna system which at 32 ft long is no small antenna!

The antenna system has a gain of 18dBi which was further enhanced with an SSB electronics low noise preamp, all set up to copy signals from the moon using the JT65 data mode. Rotation and elevation were under manual control as the moon was easily visible, and signals were successfully copied during a rather short window of opportunity.

We also had some restrictions due to surrounding buildings, equipment layout, and moon rise position, but nonetheless a very successful activity.

Further activation is planned for Sunday 2nd September at approximately 8 degrees after moon rise onwards.

GB2012MV works the world!

GB2012MV is open until the end of the Paralympic games. We are now well on the way to our target for 10,000 qso’s. So far we have worked over 120 different countries from all over the globe! We have used almost every mode and band available at our station HF up to 80m, VHF and UHF including 23cm and 4m, Dstar and a wide variety of Data modes and CW. This weekend we added satellite work to the list. Including FO-29 QSO with F6CTW, FO29 QSO with 9A3ST and EA7HZZ QSO on SO51.

Listen to recordings of these QSO’S click the links.





His worshipful the Mayor of Warrington Cllr Steve Wright officially opens GB2012MV

GB2012MV was officially opened today by His Worshipful the Mayor of Warrington Cllr Steve Wright.

The Mayor, an avid Short wave listener visited the station today, he gave his backing to our station, stating he was pleased the exposure Warrington and Manchester area was receiving due to our work putting on the station over the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Olympic torch bearer Angela Davies kindly made an appearance with the Olympic torch she carried. GB2012MV is very grateful for the support and positive reactions we have received from the local community.

Members of GB2012MV welcome Cllr Steve Wright the Mayor of Warrington

His Worshipful the Mayor Cllr Steve Wright chats in the shack

Angela Davies Olympic torch bearer visits GB2012MV this morning.

40m in action this morning

30m CW station in action this morning.

GB2012MV Welcomes Dave Wilson M0OBW RSGB President

This morning GB2012MV welcomed the RSGB President Dave Wilson M0OBW to our station here in the North West of England.

Dave got a tour of the shack, met some of todays operators and took the opportunity to work our 40m station.

GB2012MV is grateful for the support of the RSGB, Dave Wilson expressed the view that our commitment could only have a positive outcome for the British Amateur Radio Community and the general public, here in the UK and the rest of the world.

M0LCR, G1DVA, Dave Wilson M0OBW, G4VSS, G1DYN

Dave Wilson M0OBW works our 40m station


Mike G4VSS presents a commemorative mug to Dave Wilson

Dave working 40m with Bill G0PZP


Mike G4VSS welcomes Dave to GB2012MV





RSGB President to visit GB2012MV this morning.

GB2012MV is proud to announce – RSGB President Dave Wilson M0OBW will be visiting GB2012MV this morning and will be operating the station for a short while!

GB2102MV had another excellent day yesterday, we worked into over 60 countries and doubled our log count.

Today the station will be operating on 20m, 30m, and 40m HF. Dstar and 2m ssb. Subject to operating conditions on the bands.

Wow! what a first day

30m CW station , Albert G3ZHE

GB2012MV got off to a flying start yesterday. By late afternoon we had over 500 QSO’s in the log, a more than satisfactory result in challenging conditions. 20m worked well for most of the day, Ken G3VBA working pile up after pile up. 40m was challenging because of propagation conditions and noise on the band, it was worked most of the morning and early afternoon until it faded out. We then swapped over to Dstar, working 1Charlie for a couple of hours, mainly swapping details with our American cousins across the pond, who were delighted to hear from the GB2012MV SES and showed it with their enthusiasm.

Our industrious CW operators lead by Albert G3ZHE concentrated on 30m in the first half of the day and then again late afternoon, scoring some excellent DX contacts and adding a good number of contacts to the log.

We are really encouraged by the success of the first day and wish to thank our dedicated team of operators for a great days work at GB2012MV.

Albert G3ZHE on the key, working the DX

Ken G3VBA working 20m

40m, with Linear getting a work out

Ken G3VBA working the pile ups

40m station in action, getting through the noise!

Welcome to GB2012MV

GB2012MV is now on the air! The station will be operating for the duration of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.

We are proud to represent the North West region of Great Britain with this Olympic special event station, along with our sister stations GB2012MW and GB2012MS we welcome you to our web site.

We have three HF stations operating, 20m, 40m, 30m/17m and we will also be operating on VHF and DSTAR.

We look forward to adding you to our log, for our frequency location check the live cluster information posted on our Frequencies and modes page under the ‘Live info’ tab.

GB2012MV is on Facebook and Twitter, search #GB2012MV

WARC gears up for GB2012MV

There is only a few short hours to go before GB2012MV starts officially, and the Warrington Amateur Radio Club (WARC) is gearing up for action.

Using the normal club night the club members are checking radios, discussing operating procedures and generally making final preperations.

Leigh (2E0LDJ, left) is running the Yaesu FTDX5000 on 20 meters at it’s full potential.  Running around 60 watts of Class A output into the Challenger III amp produces the UK limit of 400w.  Transmitting into the 3 element SteppIR antenna makes a formidable setup, and signal reports were very good!




Paul (G7ODJ) was running the Icom IC-756 Pro III into it’s dedicated linear amplifier, producing the full 400w into a 40 meter dipole.



Finishing the trio of operators was Dave (M0TUB) and Albert (G3ZHE) running the Icom-756 Pro II on CW into a 30 meter dipole.

With all this preperation, GB2012MV is bound to be a success!